Emerald’s Crews Restore Old Cemetery to Honor Our Veterans


On Friday, November 10th, Veterans Day, a group of 10 certified arborists and tree care specialists from Emerald Tree and Shrub Care donated their time to improve the conditions of New York City’s oldest soldier’s cemetery, West Farms Soldier Cemetery.  Kevin W. Wyatt, of Emerald Tree and Shrub Care, was working at a neighboring NYC park months ago, when he recognized the poor neglected state of the cemetery trees.  He immediately reached out to the cemetery’s managing group, Partnerships for Parks, and offered to have his team donate their time to restore the grounds where 40 veterans that have served in 4 different wars are buried.


The crew arrived on site at 7:30am and immediately got to work removing dead wood and pruning back branches to improve the strength and health of a large number of Oak and Locust trees scattered throughout the grounds. Each grave was adorned by an American Flag to indicate that a veteran was laid to rest there. Kevin, a Master Arborist and history buff said “I could not think of a better way to spend Veteran’s Day than to be performing long overdue tree pruning and revitalizing at one of the burial grounds of our War Veterans.”


West Farm Soldier Cemetery, located on 180th street in the Bronx, just south of the Bronx Zoo, typically sees an increase in visits from family and friends on the weekend following Veterans Day.  What great timing to have the grounds looking clean, safe and back in a state of beauty.


Since launching in 1996, Emerald Tree and Shrub Care has had a niche for performing tree care in some of the areas most prominent cemeteries.  Cemeteries requires specialized tree care that preserves and protects the tombstones, mausoleums, monuments and other historical structures.  Emerald’s crew of certified arborists have developed a specialized approach using techniques that prevent damage and keep cemetery grounds in pristine condition throughout the year.

Protect Your Trees During New Construction


Planning new construction is always exciting! Whether it’s an addition or a whole new house from ground up, the opportunities are endless and creativity is in full drive.  Anyone who has been a part of a major construction project knows that inevitably the project will grow, the timeline will lengthen and the budget will need to be adjusted.  One vital step that people often overlook is preserving the existing trees and shrubs so that they can be there to accent your new shiny structure when all is said and done.

Just because you are building new.. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace and preserve the old.  When it comes to trees, there are many benefits to keeping those mature oaks standing, including:

  • The shade they provide will help cool your new home and keep air conditioning costs down
  • If you cleared you land (which often happens during new construction) when you move in you will have no privacy at all
  • Mature trees carry a value up to $10,000 each! With all your spending, it’s nice to know you are saving somewhere
  • Mature trees absorb close to 50 lbs. of carbon a year, and let off about 250 lbs of Oxygen.  A yard with abundant fresh, clean air is priceless.
Ensuring the health of trees before, during and after construction requires a custom built plan that is tailored to the variety, location and size of the trees on a property.  For over 20 years, we have been called on to evaluate and protect trees during new building.  We are experienced in working with developers and builders and have a thorough understanding of the area’s climate, diseases and other threats that exist.  Our ultimate goal is to protect mature trees from harm so that they can continue to bring value to your property for many years after the project is complete.
If you have a new project you are planning, and are worried about the interference with your existing tress, call us for a FREE evaluation today: 914-725-0441.
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